am quite in awe of my 105 macro lens, even though I dropped it onto a concrete floor and so the manual focus is really stiff (!) it still amazes me how small things can look so big!  The feather is that of a swan, from my swan pics of late, and the ball is one of my crystal balls and I fancied a mess about in the sun before it went down. The first sunny saturday in forever and I worked it all!!!!  On the good side, glorious scenery to see as I drove from one test to the next, on the poo side, no time for pictures 😦 But yay for a mess around in the conservatory! And it’s Luvverly Hubberly’s birthday today! Not much of one, but chocolates, Glenlivet and unmentionables are involved 🙂


    1. Watcha doing here Mrs O 🙂 xo


  1. I hope you find the time, soon, to get out and enjoy yourself, and perhaps even do more of this picture taking thing. If I could make a request on you blog, that’s what It’d be.


    1. Thanks Dink, life/work balance not so good at the mo, at least I’m keeping true to my 365 somehow. Am away again now for training. Can’t wait to retire lol 🙂


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