Quite a lot of information contained in a small amount of gold metal.  I tried to find out all the hallmark symbols on my wedding ring, but it doesn’t seem to quite match what I find on the net.  I can see the Sheffield rose, and the two 375 lozenges meaning its 9 carat gold, 37.5% gold ( not sure what the rest is). But the last symbol far left I can’t find any reference to.  There’s supposed to be a letter for the year it was made, and symbol/initials of the maker, but neither of those are in residence. Someone somewhere either here or on flickr will come up with an answer, I have faith in that!

I didn’t have a creative/photographic bone in my body tonight, and I had a ‘don’t wanna do a bliddy photo’ moment whilst I was chilling after tea ( a gorgeous carrot and coriander soup with a 5 seed crusty roll…heaven!) and was watching on TV, of all things, ‘Flog It trade secrets (sigh).  And a bit of the programme explained hallmarks, so I took of my wedding ring and squinted at it but only saw a dark small gash in it’s underside. I wondered if my super~dooper macro lens might help me out, but didn’t expect much as its such a small thing to try and photograph, plus my focus skills are renowned for being shite, my glasses are 4 years old and my eyes considerably more so!  Strange where inspiration comes from sometimes, I like the result, hope it’s in focus :).

Other information contained in the ring… two lives, dark & light, joy & sorrow, experiences shared, turmoil overcome, a promise kept.

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