I’ve been away for the weekend visiting my son and grandson ‘down south’ as it was Lewis’s 3rd Birthday.  Had a lovely time seeing Lewis, and doing the whole birthday thing.  On Friday it was just Ben & I shopping for presents, then meeting up with his girlfriend Charlotte and we had a nice evening with a chinese take-out and put our feet up.



On Saturday we went and picked Lewis up and brought him back to Ben & Charlottes, where he opened his presents, – lots of Thomas the Tank rail tracks which he was thrilled with and played with all day.  In the evening we did the cake thing.



Then today, Sunday Lewis’s Mum and other Nanny had a part for him in the cafe where Other Nanny works and there was children for Lewis to play with and finger food, and just a general noisy fun party.  Of course I forgot (AGAIN!!!) to change my ISO, I so need a tattoo on my hand for that, so my party pics came out well grainy, but here’s the one I’ve salvaged.



and an extra of my son caught unawares 🙂


and now I’m home again, and have work tomorrow, so back to the grind!



  1. I make the same mistake with my ISO setting. Especially when moving back and forth between inside and out.
    Another mistake that I make is I unwittingly bump my exposure compensation. Have lost many shots because of this.
    Of course, this is more of a quirk with my camera layout than anything else.


  2. By the way, I like the candles shot. You do really well in these low light situations. 🙂


    1. Thanks, the nikon is really good in low light/hi ISO situations, good job as we don’t get much daylight here! Just need to work on the old memory box!


  3. I love the birthday cake shot too! Very nice.


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