It is such a privilege to have a pair of robins taking over my garden, such fun to watch.  I came home at lunchtime to witness a full scale battle where Mr.Robin defended his territory from 2 pigeons, a magpie, a sparrow, 2 collared doves and a feisty Mrs.Blackbird.  He was all over them telling them off and on the whole winning the war!  His Mrs, gamely helped out, but he was the Man! Yet again a late night finishing work,, so not much processing here, other than to throw together the shots, I quite love this little guy.


  1. What beautiful birds. I’ve always imagined bird watching to be a very mellow (borderline boring) 😉 event, but that sounds like it was action packed.


    1. I know, bird watching is so uncool! I started a feeding station just with the intention of photographing them, but sometimes I can just stand and watch and laugh so much at their different personalities and behaviours, I envy them the ability to fly!


      1. I get really excited when I see a hummingbird!


        1. We don’t have such exotic birds here, too cold!


  2. I didn’t know you birdwatched. 😉

    These are really good. As a matter of fact, when I saw them in my reader, I actually said “oh wow” out loud.


    1. Thanks Dink, I haven’t yet bought an anorak and binoculars so think I’m still normal. Haha normal indeed!


  3. The shade of blue is gorgeous. I haven’t seen a robin with that shade of blue yet, maybe the colours vary in different regions.
    Go for some binoculars! They are fantastic – super vision. Makes for a lot of fun.


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