One of my old/vintage film cameras. This is a Russian smena 8m lomo camera. Not sure how old it is but it’s got a ‘Russia’ stamp on it rather than USSR stamp so it’s pre 1990. Don’t know if it works, but there’s a film in it and I take a shot now and then of no importance, so when I get the film developed I won’t be heart broken if it doesn’t come out. Β It has the original leather jacket with strap too and whenever I use it I feel like I’m a spy in a film noir πŸ™‚ which makes me silly, but I care not.

I have a blue holga too, but thats not so romantic!

9 thoughts on “43/365

        1. I’m hoping so. I have a film in it (my first) and am taking pictures when I can, not sure what I’m doing with it yet as I only have a youtube tutorial to go by! Fingers crossed something comes out when I get it developed!


          1. Would be really exciting to see them! I am thinking of getting one of those cameras too but am slightly put off by the fact that film development and printing would always get a surprise result.


          2. I have a Holga 120mm that I’ve used quite a bit, it’s quite exciting to get the films back and see what you got. Not always successful, but sometimes something special happens.


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