I found with my previous 365 that if I was stuck for ideas or ‘couldn’t be bothered’ with  a daily photo I would ‘cheat’ and use my hipstamatic app on the I-phone to do the daily shot.  I am trying really hard not to do that this time, and have managed so far.  However tonight my hubby wanted me to accompany him on a visit to his friend George’s house, to investigate George’s stereo/internet/streaming system, which is quite extensively entwined with the internet and therefore his computer.   Now my hubby is a stereo buff, it’s his hobby because music is his passion, but computers are most definitely neither a hobby or a passion, but a necessary evil.  For me, computers are my life’s blood! I am a digital babe 🙂 So I’ve spent the evening learning about DAC’s, Nasdac’s Audacity software, Linn HD downloads etc etc etc, and we have got home quite late.  I took Iphone shots of George’s wonderful Naim systems in his living room and bedroom which sounded gorgeous I have to say.  Me and hubby have since had a long conversation regarding analogue, digital, subjectiveness, etc, and the conclusion we have come to, is that the kind of music we like to listen to, i.e Daughtry, Led Zep, Thunder, FM, Muse, Evanesence, et al doesn’t work on really posh stuff anyway. lol.  So at 11pm I’m using the Iphone shots because it’s just too danged late to do anything else.

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