Just a quickie tonight, so much work to do!!  Anyway I was wracking my brain for something to shoot, these cold dark nights don’t make things easy. So I’ve raided my hubby’s Simpson collection and got out my 35mm 1.8F lens, which I haven’t used in ages and shot his Homers!  He has every character on the show except Otto, but eventually found him on ebay, so when he arrives there will be another Simpsons special here!

6 thoughts on “36/365

  1. That’s what she said.

    Looking forward to the follow up with Otto. It does seem like he’d be difficult to find.

    By the way, this is really good. I wonder how you achieved this lighting?


    1. I use my kitchen as a studio. The figures stand on a really black induction hob (fab for black reflections!) and I put a matt black background behind the hob to cover the beige tiles! The cooker extractor hood has 2 lights in it when opened so I turned off all other lights, stuck my camera on timer on a tripod, and faffed on with exposure and DOF til I got the result I wanted 🙂

      Induction hobs & cooker hoods rock!


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