This my hubby’s favourite belt and buckle. In fact it’s the only belt he wears.  He got it on his 16th Birthday, which makes it an antique just about.

I got the exposures a bit squiffy, in one the buckle was right but you couldn’t see the belt part, and in the other the buckle was too bright.  I didn’t HDR because life is too short!  I put one on top of the other, got a layer mask and brushed the right buckle onto the right belt!


  1. It takes a man to wear that on his belt. I mean it.


    1. Well last time I looked…….. 😊


  2. Layering is a perfectly valid form of HDR. (and lets face it, usually produces a much nicer, more realistic looking result) 🙂


    1. yes in half the time! thanks 🙂


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