Well here we go, hello February.  My whole life revolves around ears. My hubby is a muso in a big way, the best stereo equipment he can afford, more CD’s than HMV, plays bass guitar.  And me, I test peoples ears and prescribe them hearing aids when they need them and can accept that that is so.   You don’t think about your ears much, just think yourself, when did you last think about your ears, or what you were hearing. The loss of it sneaks up on you, so slowly, so insidiously that you can’t quite believe that you can’t hear the things you did when you were 18.   I test a lot of people, and most of them don’t really want to know that this has happened to them.  But it happens to just about everyone, form the age of 50 onwards.  I want to say to them ‘Get Over It!!!’ get yourself some aids and get on with your life!!! But that’s not how things work, people are quite happy to wear in yer face f**k off specs, but ‘Oh No, couldn’t possibly wear a tiny invisible hearing aid!!!’ It’s an ‘age’ thing. People don’t think that wearing specs makes you look old, so they don’t feel old, but hearing aids make them do. Of course, saying ‘eh?’ ‘pardon’ ‘what did you just say?’ ‘missed that’ ‘stop mumbling!’ doesn’t make you look old at all! I am very blessed that most of my clients have accepted their hearing difficulties, and have opted to correct them, what a fantastic thing to be able to do. Helping people hear really rocks!



  1. Ha ha. My wife and I were only just now discussing each others ears. I even mentioned how seldom I ever think about my ears. Then almost immediately, I clicked here. Hmmmm.


    1. haha you’re channeling my pics!


  2. yes hearing needs to be protected, we should all wear protection while using loud machinery… I do while mowing with the tractor or the lawnmower. My ear muffs have a 35 db rating.


    1. that’s good! Hearing is so important to protect, you don’t realise how much til it’s no longer functioning properly.


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