Well life and work got in the way of me writing my blog, but I’ve continued to take pictures for my 365, and have a little time to update the blog at last! So here they all are. Seemed a bit daft to do a separate post for each shot.

bolam 24365


I had to visit a client out in the wilds of Northumberland last Thursday, whilst the snow was still thick and snow still coming down sporadically. I was quite amazed to see Bolam lake frozen over. Right at the back on the treeline there’s a patch of water with the swans on it, but it’s hard to see them on this shot. Minimal processing on this, it almost looks black & white but you can just about see a bit of green in the bushes.



Woke up Friday to this stunning sunrise, so ran out into the garden in my jammies and slippers to catch the sky. A little detail brought out in Color FX pro but nothing else done, not even saturation boost, it really was this colour.



Took Ben to the bus station on Saturday afternoon, said our good byes, but I’ll be going to visit in a couple of weeks as it’s Lewis’s birthday. Expect lots of grandson shots 🙂 After that home to do washing and packing and sorting out to go away Sunday for a big work conference in Formby, near Liverpool.

photo copy 2




A 3 hour drive across and down the country to get to The Formby Hall Golf Resort.  Not too bad a room, though I should have had a better one apparently, can’t say I needed more than the bed and the bathroom. I love the little knick-knacks that hotels leave for you in the bathrooms. Needless to say a few came home with me. 🙂 My spare room is full of them!

photo copy


A totally rubbish shot taken on my Ipad at 11pm as a last resort. Had a really busy day at the conference, then drinks and eats with ‘the board’ and no time for anything else. Was so tired at the end of the day. The view from my bed!!



Got home finally after a long drive in atrocious weather conditions across the bleak dark landscape of the A66, which is a really pretty drive in the daylight and sunshine, but wild and windy rainy black conditions isn’t much fun. Never mind, got home to find my latest book has arrived, this is written by one of my flickr contacts, and am really looking forward to it.

So thats it for now, back to normal at last!


  1. Way to stick with the commitment. 🙂

    Makin’ it happen.


    1. yup only 334 to go now haha.


    1. thanks Steve 🙂


  2. nice sunset picture 🙂


    1. thanks (it’s a sunrise 🙂 )


      1. oh lol, sometimes u cant tell, still good sunrise 🙂


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