new boys on the block. Two of these turned up at 8.30 this morning. This is only one of them though. Unfortunatley Monster pidgeon was hogging the trough so I don’t think they got any food from my feeder. Was at work today so maybe they came back. Don’t know what they are, tried he RSPB bird identifier but it wasn’t conclusive, one of my contacts somewhere will know though cos they’all so birdy~clever, thankfully! And guess what, someone did!  This is a Male Reed Bunting, quite special to see them as they are not usual garden burds, but when winter comes and they have no access to usual foodstuffs, a garden feeder is fair game.

Anyway I thought they were really pretty, love the stripey waistcoat and chocolate balaclava. Not to mention the two-tone tail, a well cool dude.


and Mr.Redbreast trying to be incognito, 🙂 he’s a cutey.

Both shots taken on my bridge camera, a Fuji HS 20 EXR, it has a stupendous zoom, not too awful quality either, just normal awful, improved with a little help from potatoshop.

Must invent a decent logo at some stage, not cos I’ll ever be a pro, but just cos I like ’em! And I like to play ‘creative doncha know’. 🙂

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  1. cool… and too bad for the little guys!


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