Still rocking the induction hob. I was frantic for SOMETHING to photograph for my 365. The weather  has been abysmal and I have my son up from ‘doon sooth’ so 365 is not my top priority, Phil is on nights so it’s lovely to have my boy visiting. We went shopping today but came home quick, the wind so biting on our faces.

I have chapped lips, and am using the above product, it was on the side by the induction hob when I was trying to think of something to photograph, and it spoke to me… ‘pick me, I’m a pretty colour’ it said. 🙂 so I did. Isn’t it strange how the simplest looking photo’s take the longest to make??  I have 50 versions of this, with various angles, lightings, DOF’s, reflections, FFS”s, and it took 1 & 1/2 hours! I mean, what’s that all about?? It’s just bliddy cherry chapstick! 🙂 🙂

Processing, not much as I’m improving in camera! I even have got the hang of the focus settings after a fashion, I did clone out a nasty torch bit, but that’s par for the course when your only lighting equipment is a 2 quid LED torch from ASDA and a paper towel diffuser!

One thought on “21/365

  1. Yeah, I guess it’s that so much has to be brought out from the simple photos. They don’t make a statement unless you tell them to. Often times, the complex photos already have the the pieces put together, they just need a slight nudge and they shine.
    This image is alluring.


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