robNzagN by fragglerocks
robNzagN, a photo by fragglerocks on Flickr.

so here’s one of those comparison things 🙂

One of these was taken with a nikon D7000 with a 70-300mmnikkor lens, ISO 2000, f5.6 1/50s at 300mm.

The other on a Fuji finepix HS 20 EXR on the EXR auto setting giving f5.6 1/20s ISO 1600. at 126mm.

equal amount of sharpening. no other processing.

£1400 v £245.
Is it obvious which one is which?


  1. hmm, to me, the left looks like an unprocessed RAW from the nikon. The bokeh is nice and smooth, sharpness etc is pretty much impossible to judge at this size, but the extra contrast in the right makes me prefer those colours… It looks more “processed” so I’m saying it’s a camera processed one from the fuji (I have an old fuji, and whilst it’s slow and horrible to use, the results can be quite nice)


    1. Spot on Chris, you know your onions 🙂 (WTH kind of saying is that?!)


      1. it IS a rather odd saying 😉 ha ha


  2. These are great. And this Chris guy really does know his onions. I’ve not heard that saying before, but I’ll be using it all the time now. One of these days, I’m going to get to know my onions.


    1. Good to hear, one must always know ones onions, and have all ones eggs in one basket. It’s a grand rule of life to keep on mind. 🙂


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