wardley sunrise

A beautiful golden sunrise this morning started my day off well, good to get your shot in before breakfast and still in PJ’s! Not much processing here, ran it through nik fx colour to notch up the detail and boosted the saturation a tad.

still here

Spotted these little chaps this afternoon when I got home from the dentist, no processing, SOOC.


Also studied my jasmine bush which was covered in frost, I thought the leaves had water drops on them, but these were ice drops, cropped, sharpened and all sorts done to try and get a clear picture of all the amazing stuff going on inside that tiny drop.

Huh, dentist 😦 got a fair few appointments coming up, pain on the horizon, but it can’t be worse than it already is, so light at the end of the tunnel. Feel much fed up that I have teethy problems when I don’t eat sugary stuff and don’t smoke. Not fair! And tonight have spent hours doing worky stuff, which I’m not too fond of when I couldbe doing much nicer things like taking pictures, or just having a life! 🙂 rant over 🙂 🙂  am thankful to have a job. No, really!!!

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