Met up with Sophie and Mike today, to go on a photography expedition.  We decided on Hexam and Corbridge, as there are lots of buildings, there being no plants/gardens to speak of this time of year.  I’ve had my son staying with me all last week, and as a Christmas present he went halves with me on a new lens, a Tamron 28-300mm, which isn’t a lens I was hunkering after, but as we saw it in a second hand shop at a hugely reduced price, and it looked in good nick, we decided it would be a good present.  So I have used it all day to get a feel for it.  I think it’s a great lens if you want to stick to one lens shooting and not carry about too many other lenses, so for that alone it’s going to be good for my outings with S&M.  I think in all honesty the quality of the shots are not as good as those my Nikon lenses produce. I usually go out with the 18-105mm, a 70-300 and a 80mm macro, for a D7000 they cover most things on an expedition, but I don’t like changing lenses so much and getting crap on the sensor. I will keep using the tamron though, and put my macro on my D90 so just have 2 cameras to carry! 🙂


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