Lewis again


Another shot of little man Lewis from last weekend. Love the way the sunflare is beaming on him.  With Phil having 4 grandkids now all in close proximity, and having had Cal over to stay on Friday night, it does bring home to me how far away my little family is, and I do miss Ben and Lewis a lot.  Still we made our choices, and have to live with them.  Been writing wedding invitations and evening invitations this evening, I’ve managed 8 people, the rest are all Phils work chums, his late wife’s family and his family.  Think I’m vastly outnumbered!! Dont think 4 of mine will make the journey anyway 😦

Billy no-mates here! Cancelled my tog outing today to do work stuff, which I’ve done, though it never ends, sigh.  Anyway Phils lates grandaughter is still in special care unit, and is on anti-biotics as she has a temperature. They’re keeping her in a few days to keep an eye on her.  
Toon v Mackems footy derby happened today with all the usual rubbish that goes with this intense match, 1 – 1 score so nobody happy!  

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