Getting hitched

Wedding preparations kind of going OK, notified the registry office and paperwork ready to pick up in 2 weeks time. Ordered the caterers and booked the venue for the evening bun-fight, got the invitations (though none yet written or sent haha) Photographers booked – Mike and Sophie ☺ Night away in posh hotel booked.
Diet going OK but not buying dress or rings till a bit further down the line there!

Work going Ok, a few problems to solve, but there always is.

Still missing Herky horrendously, and we’ve both cried at various times when he comes to mind, his tea-time, finding some of his fur when cleaning, that kind of thing. Coming home is still crap because he always met us at the door, and it’s the first thing I notice.

One comment

  • Glad things are going good for the wedding! I love this pic! Don't worry to much about diets you are already perfect!! I'm sorry about Herky :~( I know its been worst losing Herky and Yoyo so close together… I'm sad for both of you. Hugs


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